Welcome to the Thomas Labs Blog! We are happy you’re here. This blog was created because we are passionate about pets and helping pet parents. Please allow us to assist you with questions about your pets and possible solutions. Be on the lookout for product offerings, giveaways, fun facts, pet care tips and more. Stick around a while, and don’t forget to bring along your best furry friend.

Feel free to email us about any questions or comments. Do you have a topic you would like us to address? Fantastic! Shoot us an email at info@thomaslabs.com.

Let’s start here: A little bit about Thomas Labs

Thomas Labs has been around for a while, 41 years to be exact. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, but are looking forward to the future. We have been working with veterinarians and animal care specialists to create unique formulas for the treatment of both common and hard-to-treat health issues for pets.

Roots in Arizona and Nebraska

Thomas Labs recently opened a location in Papillion, Nebraska, in addition to our current facility in Tolleson, Arizona. The manufacturing of our products is all done in Tolleson. Sales, marketing and blog creating (among other things) gets accomplished in Papillion. Our Nebraska employees are pretty envious of the Arizona team this time of the year. Sun would be really nice right now!

About our products

Thomas Labs was founded in 1978 with the goal of providing smart, safe supplements and health-specific therapies for dogs, cats, fish, and farm animals. We continue to do just that today! Keep checking back because our brainy scientists and product developers are coming up with new ideas for products all of the time. For a full list of our current products, click here: https://www.thomaslabs.com/.

About the Team

Whether we are in Nebraska or Arizona, everyone on our team has one thing in common: we are passionate about pets! But we are also serious about helping pet owners. At Thomas Labs, we understand what it’s like to see our animals in pain. When your pets hurt, so do we. That’s something we would like to avoid. That is, again, where this blog comes in.

What can you expect?  

As a company, we believe in quality. We also believe in authenticity, helping people and positivity. Thomas Labs wants to help you and your pets. Having a blog allows us one more opportunity to do that.

We hope you enjoy our small corner of the web. Remember to contact us or comment below with any questions, concerns or suggestions.