A Proactive Approach

Breeding and performance require animals to be in peak physical condition. Pregnancy, labor, and performance activities are demanding situations that require preparation, proper nutrition, and the right solutions. The American Kennel Club points out that performance and reproduction have nutritional requirements that exceed those of a maintenance phase.

Taking proactive steps to promote overall health will help ensure that your dog’s body can meet the demands of pregnancy or performance. From proper nutrition and prenatal care to dog supplements, there are a variety of steps that pet owners can take to ensure their furry friends are equipped and ready for breeding and performance.

1. Bitch Pills: All-In-One Prenatal Vitamins for Dogs

Promoting your momma dog’s health should start before she’s pregnant. In fact, you should start taking steps to support the mom’s health before she even goes into heat. This helps to ensure she is in the best possible health before, during, and after her pregnancy. In addition, the different stages of reproduction require specific nutritional needs that should be addressed to maximize the health of the momma and her puppies.
Proper nutrition and good prenatal care play important roles in helping ensure a healthy mom and puppies. Veterinary nutritionists believe that malnourishment of the momma before breeding and during pregnancy is a major factor in neonatal puppy mortality. Giving your momma dog a prenatal vitamin will help cover nutritional gaps in her diet and ensure the puppies receive all the essential nutrients for healthy development.

Bitch Pills is a must-have for pregnant momma dogs! It is an all-in-one prenatal formula aimed at supporting the female dog from pre-heat through the process of birthing and lactation. This formula promotes fertility in dogs, plus it contains needed vitamins and minerals to support the female’s systems and healthy offspring.

2. Mega Cal: A High-Calorie Formula

Giving birth and performance activities can be outright exhausting! A high-calorie supplement can give worn-out animals the extra boost they need to finish strong. Mommas and performance animals can greatly benefit from additional sources of energy and calories.

Mega Cal is a high-calorie formula that is beneficial during both breeding and performance. It is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to provide nutritional support to pregnant and lactating animals. Plus, it helps working, sporting, and performance animals maintain energy levels during high levels of output.

3. HydrADE: An Electrolyte Replacement Supplement

Dehydration can be a serious issue in pets and even lead to death if not resolved. When the water level in the body is too low, the body responds by drawing fluid out of the cells. This results in a loss of electrolytes, which can disrupt the function of the body’s organs and systems.

Because whelping and performance activities can be stressful on the body and lead to fluid loss, supporting hydration levels during these times is a must! HydrADE is an electrolyte replacement supplement that helps maintain positive fluid levels and supports hydration during whelping or intense activity. Plus, it supports muscle function and provides energy sources for that much-needed boost.

4. Mr Stud: Breeding Formula for Male Dogs

While promoting the health of your momma dog is essential, it’s also important to promote the health of your stud. To help ensure a healthy litter, the stud needs to be healthy and receive good nutrition.

Giving your stud dog a breeding supplement can make a big difference in achieving desired results! Mr Stud contains a variety of beneficial herbs to support and increase the virility of your stud dog. One of these herbs, Fo-Ti root, is known to promote an increase in reproductive appetite and vigor, plus it boosts the immune system. This breeding formula can help dogs who are beginning to show signs of age, who may lose interest or inclination easily, or who just need an extra edge.

Breeding, pregnancy, and performance can be stressful at times, but ensuring your dog is in peak physical condition and health will help lead to a successful outcome!