Being cooped up indoors can be hard on people and their pets. It can lead to boredom and destructive behavior, cause irritability, and even fuel anxiety. There are a number of different reasons why you and your pet may be cooped up outside. Maybe it’s simply too cold, or perhaps you live in a particularly rainy region. Keeping your pet entertained indoors when it’s cold or rainy can help curb boredom and anxiety. Plus, it can be good for your pet’s mental and physical health!

Having trouble coming up with fun activities to keep your pet entertained indoors? Try to think of activities that will keep your dog’s body and mind busy because physical and mental exercise are important for overall health.  Here are some ideas to get you started!

Play a Game of Tug of War

Playing tug of war with your dog can be beneficial because it’s mentally stimulating and physically tiring—for both you and your dog! Plus, playing tug of war can boost confidence in dogs and improve obedience.

Provide a Puzzle

There are a variety of puzzle games and toys that require your dog to manipulate it to receive a treat. A KONG chew toy is a great and popular choice to keep your dog entertained! These chew toys can be stuffed with a variety of treats to keep your dog busy for hours, plus they help stimulate mental exercise.

Hide Treats Around the House

Hiding treats around the house can be a fun game for your dog. It encourages your dog to use his natural tracking instincts to find the treats, which is great for his mental health. Plus, all that running around is beneficial for his physical health.

Play Fetch

Depending on your dog’s size, where you live, and how much room you have available to play, playing fetch indoors might be an option! This game may seem simple, but most dogs love it. Does your dog need to burn off a lot of energy? Try standing at the top of the stairs and tossing his toys to the bottom. Then have him run down to fetch it and bring it back.

Rotate Toys

No need to constantly buy new toys; just rotate them! Rotating your pet’s toys can help keep them stimulated and minimize boredom. Having a wide variety of toys and rotating them regularly can provide ongoing entertainment and interest.

Teach Your Dog a New Trick

There are so many tricks that dogs can learn, from sitting and staying, to rolling over or putting away their own toys! Start with one trick (and don’t forget the treats!); once your dog has mastered it, you can try another. This is a great time to teach your dog some basic commands, as well.

Invite a Dog Friend Over

If your pet has some doggie friends, you can invite them over for a play date! Maybe one of your friends or neighbors has a four-legged friend who would enjoy playing with your dog.

Relax and Snuggle

After physical and mental exercise, don’t forget to relax and let your dog get some rest. You can curl up on the couch, kick up your feet, take a nap, or watch some television together. Your dog will enjoy it as much as you will!

Weather can affect your pet in a variety of different ways. Keeping your pet safe and entertained indoors doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! Spending one-on-one time with your dog and playing some of his favorite games is a great way to start.