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There’s something special about the warm summer months and being able to spend them with your furry friends. What do you love most about summer?

From pool parties and grilled hot dogs to road trips and new adventures, summer offers you the opportunity to get out and about in idyllic weather -most days – with the ones we love.

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How can you enjoy the summer months with your pets?

Here are 10 quick tips to help you have the best summer yet:

  1. Be prepared with a summer emergency kit in your car. This should include water, a water bowl, sunscreen, snacks and anything else you might need.  
  2. Be sure to use a flea and tick repellent.
  3. Dehydration in dogs is a real issue. Stay hydrated!
  4. Don’t let dog diarrhea ruin your fun by understanding the causes and symptoms.
  5. Fill up a baby pool and let your pet cool off in it and enjoy! Fill one up for yourself, too.
  6. Buy your pet a few new outdoor toys!
  7. Be prepared for 4th of July and pet anxiety. Perhaps a calming support supplement is necessary.
  8. Know the signs of dehydration in dogs.
  9. Bring your pet with you on your summer road trip. There are several pet-friendly hotels and campsites out there.
  10. Know the facts about what causes hot spots on dogs. No one wants hot spots this summer!

Be prepared for anything!

Summer issues will happen and being proactive about fleas and ticks, dehydration and other summer factors can help you focus on what’s most important: enjoying summer! Have a great time!

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