1. How to Stop Dogs from Chewing

This article includes 5 quick tips to help stop your dog from chewing inappropriately. These helpful tips include dog-proofing your home, offering chew toys, training and more. Patience is incredibly important when it comes to training your dog. There are also options like a deterrent spray. There’s no reason to live with unwanted behaviors when there are tips and tricks to help!

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2. Digestive Issues in Large Breed Dogs

Hungry labrador retriever is waiting for feeding.

The way you treat or interact with a large breed dog often times differs from a small breed – their diet is no different. When large breed dogs digest food, the food spends more time in the colon, compared to smaller dogs. Stay informed with help from Thomas Labs!  

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3. Dehydration in Dogs

Unrecognizable woman and her Maltese dog running in nature,having fun in springtime

Your pet’s health is important to us and you. Dehydration can be scary. It occurs when the body loses more fluid than it takes in. When the water level in the body is too low, the body responds by drawing fluid out of cells. This results in a loss of electrolytes, including sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. In serious cases of dehydration, dogs can suffer from organ failure and even death. Click on the link below to learn more about dehydration in dogs.

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4. Diarrhea in Puppies and Kittens

No one likes to experience diarrhea with their precious pets. Unfortunately, diarrhea is a common issue in puppies and dogs. It is defined as loose stool caused by excess water in the feces. Did you know that in some cases it can actually be a life-threatening problem in young pups? Learn about different causes of kitten and puppy diarrhea, different types of diarrhea, and how to prevent it.

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5. Swimmer’s Ear in Dogs

It seems like some dog breeds cannot live without the cool water on their backs! Swimming is a part of their being. Sadly, a problem that might occur is an ear infection after swimming. Ear infections can be painful and annoying, so avoiding them is important! Prevention is key.

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